Warther Financial Group is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) headquartered in Akron, Ohio with over 30 years of experience. Our experienced, fully committed management team is accountable for over $95 million in Assets Under Management and an additional $30 million in assets held at issuing companies, not under management, but advised as to changes in asset allocation.

We take pride in our detailed approach of putting our clients needs and goals first. Our company strives to acquire and maintain a highly satisfied clientele by setting the highest standard of excellence for ourselves and for the services we provide. Our goal is to allow all of our clients to reach the financial wealth they have always wanted to achieve.

Wealth Management

Asset Allocation, Goal Assessment, Portfolio Review & Analysis, Cash Flow Planning.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning today has taken on many new dimensions that never had to be considered by earlier generations. For one, people are living longer.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the process of selecting a mix of asset classes that closely matches an investor’s financial profile in terms of their investment preferences and tolerance for risk.

Estate planning

We take pride in our commitment to excellence in financial planning. Our team consists of experienced, educated, and dedicated individuals who addresses all aspects of a financial plan - from tax strategy, retirement distributions, education, estate planning and more.

Financial Planning

Investment Management is the core of our services. Keeping costs low, managing tax implications, capturing true performance and protecting from down markets remain our main approach.

Meet Our Team

Robert Warther

Founder & President
Series 7, 63 & 65, Life & Health Licenses, Ohio University Pre Law

Bob Warther represents one of the most brilliant minds of the financial services industry elite. Since the beginning of his career in 1972, Bob has gained the knowledge and expertise rarely achieved by other advisors.

Joshua Sonnhalter

Vice President
Kent State University, B.A. in Business Management

Josh brings his unique background and skill set to drive team results in order to exceed both firm and customer goals. He has years of experience in business development, client relationship management and marketing.


Real Estate Investing for the Beginner

by Robert Warther on Jul 12, 2018

Television today is bombarded with a variety of real estate programs. House hunting, home renovation, home flipping, these programs have stimulated the interest of many individuals to start investing in real estate for themselves.

While many first-time investors lean towards purchasing single-family homes, others may not want to become landlords overnight. If you’re looking to invest in real estate but have no desire to screen applicants, handle leaky faucets or broken appliances, or any other emergencies, there are a variety of options available. Here are a few:

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Investing in Single Family Homes

by Robert Warther on Jul 10, 2018

When looking for an investment, many people are turning to real estate. There are a variety of ways to invest in real estate, though one of the most popular ways to invest is by purchasing income-producing property. This can be done through the purchase of multi-family apartments, commercial/retail property, or single-family homes. Single family homes offers an excellent entry point into real estate investing, requiring minimal funds up front, while providing a nice revenue stream for investors. While some may look to purchasing a single family home to ‘flip’ it, flipping homes can be difficult for the new investor unless you’re in a rapidly expanding home market or have an extensive background in home improvement and remodeling.

And while there are other ways to invest in real estate, we’ll concentrate on those interested in investing in single family homes. Turning a single-family home into a rental property is one of the easiest ways to get started in real estate investing. Many first-time investors purchase a home near their own residence, as they’re familiar with the area, and proximity to the property will make the commute back and forth much easier.

To turn that home into a solid investment, there are a few things you’ll need to do:

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First Time Investing for 20-Somethings

by Robert Warther on Jul 7, 2018

For many early 20-somethings that are freshly graduated and are now facing credit card and loan bills, the last thing on their mind is investments. Your new job can just about cover rent and groceries but the limitless pocket money of your youth is now a distant memory. Granted, saving for retirement may be a far fetched idea with the mountain of immediate payments piling up; however this does not mean that young Canadians should ditch investing entirely!

Instead, millennials must take a different approach to investments than older generations. But what exactly can you do without jeopardizing your immediate future?

Just Start

The most important advice is the simplest: begin now. Excess cash you have been sitting on is begging to be spent on a new pair of shoes or a fancy dinner, instead investments as small as $50 will reap rewards years down the road.

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